Expert + Curious I’m a curious director and creator of […]

Fathom Travel

When Fathom—part of Carnival Corporation—set out to create an entirely […]

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has long been loved by their passengers and has won […]

Space Needle Experience

A vessel for exploration The Space Needle had become stodgy […]

Seattle Opera

The Seattle Opera had a problem…Their current clients were getting older (and […]

Space Needle Website

The Space Needle, once a symbol of possibility, had not […]

Good Weather

In 2015, I started wanted to run a physical operation. A […]


Roofstock is a marketplace for buying and selling single family […]

Strange & Wonderful

Strange & Wonderful is a production agency in Seattle, WA […]


An internal re-brand of Creature started a year before it […]


As part of the Commercialize Seattle campaign, an initiative to […]

Museum of Glass

The Shatter Sessions was a celebration of the 10th anniversary […]


The first of a two-pronged approach aimed at increasing opposition […]

Creature Windows

The front windows at Creature give a unique opportunity to […]


I wanted to collect the Instagram feeds of Creature’s Seattle […]